FY2022 Adopted Budget

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Budget graphic FY22

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The links below will take you to the department presentations and budget detail documentation presented to the Missoula City Council Budget Committee of the Whole during the fiscal year 2022 budget process.  You can visit www.EngageMissoula.com for summarized budget info and public comment options.  To be notified of all things Budget, subscribe to the email distribution list via Notify Me.

FY22 Budget - Overview/Informational Documents

August 18, 2021

  1. PWM FY22 Budget Presentation FINAL 8.16.21
  2. FY22 Transportation 1 Bike Ped Planner
  3. FY22 Transportation 2 MIM Local Match increase
  4. FY22 Water 1 Water Pay Scale Adjustment
  5. FY22 Water 2 Overtime
  6. FY22 Water 3 PW Intern
  7. FY22 Water CIP1 Water System Improvements
  8. FY22 Water CIP2 Production Improvements
  9. FY22 Water CIP3 Meters
  10. FY22 Water CIP4 Hydrants
  11. FY22 Water CIP5 Main Upsizing
  12. FY22 Water CIP6 Minckler Loop Waterworks Hill
  13. FY22 Wastewater 1 Collection System Vehicle
  14. FY22 Wastewater 2 Fuel, Polymer, and Natural Gas Inflationary Adjustement
  15. FY22 Wastewater 3 Plant and Compost Overtime
  16. FY22 Wastewater 4 Plant and Compost R and D
  17. FY22 Wastewater 5 Wastewater Pay Adjustments
  18. FY22 Wastewater CIP1 Collection Improvements
  19. FY22 Wastewater CIP2 Plant Improvements
  20. FY22 Wastewater CIP3 Compost
  21. FY22 Storm Water CIP1 System Improvements
  22. FY22 Storm Water CIP2 Levees
  23. FY22 PW Admin CIP1 Comm Infrastructure
  24. FY22 PW Admin CIP2 Wayside Horns Project
  25. FY22 Road District 1 Sweeper Lease
  26. FY22 Road District 2 Sidewalk Bike Lane Sweeper
  27. FY22 Road District 3 Mini Excavator
  28. FY22 Road District 4 Traffic Signal Conflict Monitor Tester
  29. FY22 Road District 5 Six new Streets FTEs
  30. FY22 Road District 6 PW Admin Pay Adjustements
  31. FY22 Road District 7 Bike Ped Planner Subsidy
  32. FY22 Road District 7 Bike Ped Planner Subsidy 2
  33. FY22 Engineering 1 MIM Subsidy
  34. FY22 Engineering 2 Engineering Pay
  35. FY22 Engineering Roadway CIP1 Mullan Rd Reconstruction
  36. FY22 Engineering Roadway CIP2 South Ave Improvements
  37. FY22 Engineering Roadway CIP3 Lower Miller Creek Rd.
  38. FY22 Engineering Roadway CIP4 Cemetery Rd
  39. FY22 Engineering Roadway CIP5 George Elmer Cattle Dr Roundabout
  40. FY22 Engineering Roadway CIP6 Higgins Ave
  41. FY22 Engineering Roadway CIP7 California St Reconstruction
  42. FY22 Engineering Roadway CIP8 England Extension
  43. FY22 Engineering BUILD Grant CIP1 BUILD
  44. FY22 Engineering BUILD Grant CIP1 Mullan BUILD
  45. FY22 Engineering BUILD Grant CIP2 Flynn Lowney Ditch
  46. FY22 Engineering Sidewalk CIP1 Westside Area Mobility
  47. FY22 Engineering Sidewalk CIP2 Kent Central Greenway
  48. FY22 Engineering Sidewalk CIP3 Burton Greenway
  49. FY22 Engineering Sidewalk CIP4 Eaton Sidewalks
  50. FY22 Engineering Sidewalk CIP5 Turner and Worden
  51. FY22 Engineering Sidewalk CIP6 Spurgin and 10th
  52. FY22 Engineering Sidewalk CIP7 Russell Fairgrounds Trail Crossing
  53. FY22 Engineering Sidewalk CIP8 Ivy Fanklin Park Greenway
  54. FY22 Engineering Sidewalk CIP9 Maple St Sidewalks
  55. FY22 Cemetery 1 New Storage Building
  56. FY22 Cemetery CIP1 Architect Services
  57. FY22 Parking 1 Baseline Increases
  58. FY22 Parking 2 Mobile License Plate Recognition Hardware
  59. FY22 Parking CIP1 Modems for Parking Kiosks
  60. FY22 Finance CIP1 Financial Management and Reporting Software
  61. FY22 Administration CIP1 Federal Building Rehabilitation
  62. FY22 Council 1 Constituent Engagement Resources
  63. FY22 IT CIP1 Ongoing Equipment Replacement
  64. FY22 IT CIP2 Ongoing Remote Working Hardware
  65. FY22 Clerk CIP1 Enterprise Content Management
  66. FY22 Non-Departmental 1 City Non-Union Wages
  67. FY22 Non-Departmental 2 City-wide Compensation Plan Adjustments
  68. FY22 Non-Departmental 3 Health Dept Contribution
  69. FY22 Non-Departmental 4 Environmental Health Specialist
  70. FY22 Non-Departmental 5 Public Information Officer
  71. FY22 Non-Departmental 6 Animal Control Shelter Expansion
  72. FY22 Non-Departmental 7 Health Dept Pandemic Response
  73. FY22 BID Workplan and Budget
  74. FY22 TBID Budget
  75. Compensation Requests

August 18, 2021 Parks & Recreation CIPs

  1. FY22 Parks CIP1 FMRP Cyclical Maintenance
  2. FY22 Parks CIP2 Aquatics Cyclical Maintenance
  3. FY22 Parks CIP3 Downtown Lions Park
  4. FY22 Parks CIP4 Redfern Park
  5. FY22 Parks CIP5 Rattlesnake Dam Phase 2
  6. FY22 Parks CIP6 Bonner Park
  7. FY22 Parks CIP7 Pavement Preservation
  8. FY22 Parks CIP8 Tennis Court Replacements
  9. FY22 Parks CIP9 1505 E Broadway
  10. FY22 Parks CIP10 Syringa Park Phase 2
  11. FY22 Parks CIP11 Northside Park Annex
  12. FY22 Parks CIP12 Sacajawea Spray Deck and Bathroom
  13. FY22 Parks CIP13 Greenough Trail Repair and Renovation
  14. FY22 Parks CIP14 Commuter Trail Expansion
  15. FY22 Parks CIP15 Marilyn Park Sport Courts Replacement
  16. FY22 Parks CIP16 Ninkpata Park
  17. FY22 Parks CIP17 Greenough Restroom Replacement
  18. FY22 Parks CIP18 Rattlesnake Dr Trail
  19. FY22 Parks CIP19 Higgins Bridge Park Restoration
  20. Update FY22 Parks CIP1 Rattlesnake Dam Removal
  21. Update FY22 Parks CIP2 Westside Park
  22. Update FY22 Parks CIP3 Northside Ped Bridge Replacement
  23. Update FY22 Parks CIP4 McCormick Park and Community Center
  24. Update FY22 Parks CIP5 Waterworks Trailhead Improvements
  25. Update FY22 Parks CIP6 Rose Memorial Park
  26. Update FY22 Parks CIP7 Hellgate Park
  27. Update FY22 Parks CIP8 Caras Park Phase 1
  28. Update FY22 Parks CIP8 Caras Park Phase 1 BID Support
  29. Update FY22 Parks CIP9 Aquatics Revenue Generation
  30. Update FY22 Parks CIP10 Clark Fork Riparian Restoration
  31. Update FY22 Parks CIP11 Open Space Reforestation
  32. Update FY22 Parks CIP12 Conservation Lands Trailheads Upgrades
  33. Update FY22 Parks CIP13 Playfair Park Master Planning
  34. Update FY22 Parks CIP14 FMRP Pond Triangle and Batting Cage Site
  35. Update FY22 Parks CIP15 Milwaukee Trail
  36. Update FY22 Parks CIP16 Whitaker Park
  37. Update FY22 Parks CIP17 South Hill Spur Dean Stone
  38. Update FY22 Parks CIP18 Bellevue Master Plan
  39. Update FY22 Parks CIP19 Open Space Acquisitions
  40. Update FY22 Parks CIP20 Koly Park
  41. Update FY22 Parks CIP21 Duncan Field
  42. Update FY22 Parks CIP22 North Riverside Parks and Trails
  43. Future Year FY22 Parks CIP1 Clark Fork Islands Nature Preserve
  44. Future Year FY22 Parks CIP2 Honeysuckle Trail
  45. Future Year FY22 Parks CIP3 Kiwanis Park
  46. Future Year FY22 Parks CIP4 Trail Lighting Reconstruction
  47. Future Year FY22 Parks CIP5 Southside Lions Renovations
  48. Future Year FY22 Parks CIP6 Post Siding Trail and Street Improvements
  49. Future Year FY22 Parks CIP7 Pleasant View Park
  50. Future Year FY22 Parks CIP8 Honeysuckle Park
  51. Future Year FY22 Parks CIP9 Mount Dean Stone Stairs
  52. Future Year FY22 Parks CIP10 Downtown Master Plan Clark Fork Ped Crossings
  53. Future Year FY22 Parks CIP11 White Pine Park