Code Compliance

Code Compliance is part of Development Services with the City of Missoula's Community Planning, Development, and Innovation (CPDI) Department.  Our Code Compliance Coordinators work with city, county, and community members to help maintain and improve the health, safety, and quality of life in the Missoula community as it relates to city adopted codes and ordinances. 

Code Enforcement is the prevention, detection, investigation, and enforcement of violations of ordinances adopted by the local municipality. These enforcement actions can be related to safety issues, building codes, land use regulations, public works ordinances, snow and hazardous vegetation, and signage

If you suspect a code violation, you may enter a complaint by using the complaint form or contacting the CPDI front desk at 406-552-6630.   

Code Compliance does not take anonymous complaints, nor do we conduct active compliance (searching for violations within the city limits).  All complaints that come from private citizens are entered with an accurate name and telephone number as well as a physical address location Once the competed form is received, the Compliance Coordinator will initiate an investigation. Fictitious reports will be discarded.   

Code Compliance

Call: 406-552-6630

Charmell Owens
Code Compliance Manager

Michelle Oberhofer
Code Compliance Coordinator II

Mark Oberhofer
Code Compliance II 

  1. Hazardous Vegetation
  2. Sidewalk Snow Removal

The Hazardous Vegetation and Nuisance Weeds Program's primary purpose is fire prevention. Per the City of Missoula Ordinance (MMC 8.40), any weed or grass over 24 inches tall is a nuisance, being a potential fuel for causing a fire that could damage property or life. The program is not in place for weed mitigation.

The Weed Hazard Program also deals with vegetation that causes a visibility obstruction as defined in MMC 12.28.110. Visibility triangles at intersections must be kept clear for safety reasons, and are illustrated in Standard Drawing 401.

How to Comply with the City Weed Ordinance

Property owners in Missoula are responsible for maintaining compliance throughout the growth season, which is June 1 through September 30 of each year. This usually means that more than one cut may be necessary. Please monitor your property regularly to ensure that growth is no taller than 24 inches.