Overlay zoning district regulations apply in combination with underlying (base) zoning district regulations and all other applicable regulations of the zoning ordinance. 

When overlay district standards conflict with standards that would otherwise apply under this zoning ordinance, the regulations of the overlay zoning district govern. Otherwise, all applicable regulations of the zoning ordinance apply in overlay districts.

The City of Missoula has the following Overlays, the corresponding sections of Municipal Zoning Code Title 20 are linked.

/P Pedestrian Overlay

/PUD Planned Unit Development Overlays Generally

/AR Adaptive Reuse Overlay

Neighborhood Character Overlays

The purpose of Neighborhood Character Overlays is to recognize and protect the physical character of neighborhoods that exhibit unique development and building patterns; to encourage neighborhood investment in the form of construction and development that conform to the size, orientation and setting of existing buildings in the neighborhood; and to implement adopted neighborhood plans. For more information about how to create or change a Neighborhood Character Overlay, please see Title 20.25.040 - Neighborhood Character Overlays Generally.

/NC-B Boulevard Neighborhood Character Overlay

/NC-RT Riverfront Trails Neighborhood Character Overlay

/NC-SR Southside Riverfront Neighborhood Character Overlay

/NC-HFM Historic Fort Missoula Neighborhood Character Overlay

/NC-RG Rattlesnake Gardens Neighborhood Character Overlay

/NC-UD University District Neighborhood Character Overlay

/NC-MDP Missoula Development Park Overlay

Design Excellence Overlay

For more information, please see the City's Design Excellence Webpages, linked here.

/DE - Design Excellence Overlay (Downtown and Corridor)

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