Private Development Projects

Building Activity

Development Activity 

Calendar Year-End Summary

The Development Activity - Year End Review 2022 summary provides a calendar year-end snapshot of development activity in Missoula.

Fiscal Year Quarterly Development Summary

The Quarter Development Summary provides a fiscal year quarterly snapshot of development activity in Missoula.  View all quarterly summary reports back to the 3rd quarter of fiscal year 2022.

Fiscal Year Monthly Development Detail Report

Detailed development reports are available for the previous month, or you can view all reports back to January 2010. Reports prior to January 2010 are also available.

Commercial and Residential Building Permit Activity

This report lists building permits with addresses, work description, and value of work. The current report is updated weekly and previous months are also available. Visit our citizen access portal to search for permits by address or type.

Application Projects In Review

Prior to going to boards or committees for consideration, several types of projects undergo a comment period. Listed below are projects that are currently being reviewed. Information for projects that have already been decided or are already scheduled for meetings can be found by searching webcasts and agendas.

For descriptions of the projects below and the ability to make public comment, please visit Engage Missoula. For the applications, explore below.

Administrative Adjustment Applications
1325 Montana Street

Annexation Applications
None at this time.
Board of Adjustment Applications
None at this time.
Conditional Use Applications
None at this time.
Historic Preservation Permit (HPP) Applications
1005 Gerald Ave.
Fort Missoula Commons (Post Hospital)
101 S Higgins Ave.
Public Forum Applications
None at this time. 
Zoning Amendment (Rezone) Applications  
2361 & 2359 W Kent Ave  
1020 Reserve Street  
Townhome Exemption Development (TED) Applications
None at this time.