Project Planning Guides

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Development Services has compiled multiple resources related to specific project types to help you plan your project. The list below will direct you to applicable resources including guides, checklists or requirements, application forms, and codes. Select your project or permit type from the list below for more information. Note: These resources are for reference only. Applicants are encouraged to contact the appropriate department(s) in the planning stages of their project. City staff may identify additional information or corrections during permit review.

Other Permits

The following permits are NOT issued by Development Services. More information is available from the appropriate department's page.


All connections and repairs to the city's water or sewer system require an permit. For other permit types, the jurisdictional area is the city limits. Any inquiries on building permits outside the city limits, except for city utility permits, can be directed to:

Missoula County Building Division
Phone: (406) 258-3701

Missoula County Zoning Division
Phone: (406) 258-4642