Fee Schedules

The City of Missoula will increase all Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Demolition permit fees by a flat rate of 7% on March 1, 2024.  All building permits submitted starting March 1st will have the new 2024 Building fee schedule assessed.  Please see the link on this page for the new Schedule of Building Permit, including Electrical, Mechanical, Demolition, and Moving Fees.

Permit fees are impacted by a variety of factors including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Scope of Project: New Construction, Addition, Remodel, or Land Use
  • Square Footage for each Building Occupancy Classification
  • Number of Dwelling Units
  • Max. % of slope of site
  • Size of disturbed area during construction
  • Water Meter Size, dependent on the number of fixtures
  • Location, specifically if located within the Sxwtpqyen/Mullan Area Boundary

Due to the details and complexity of each project, city staff are not able to provide an estimate for each project. 

For new construction, the overall costs typically include:

On the residential or commercial building permit:

  • Building Permit Fees2
  • Building Plan Review Fees
  • Engineering Plan Review Fees2
  • Fire Plan Review Fees (on Commercial permits)1
  • Fire Inspection Fees (on Commercial permits)2
  • Planning Review Fees2
  • Impact Fees2
  • Sxwtpqyen/Mullan Area Impact Fee (if applicable)2
  • Water Meter Fees2

On related sewer and water permits:

  • Sewer Development Fee2
  • Water Development Fee2
  • Permit Connection Fees3
  • Asphalty Penalty Fees (if applicable)3

On other related records:

  • Paving or ADA Permit Fees3
  • Right-of-Way Construction Fees (for sidewalk, curb, and driveway apron)3
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Permit Fees2
  • Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Permit Fees3
  1. Estimated building plan review fees (20% of overall building permit fees) are paid at time of application, once documents are accepted. Plan review fees must be paid prior to them the permit entering the review cycle. Actual building plan review fees will be determined once the permit is approved and all fees have been determined.  Any overpayment of building plan review fees will be applied to the building permit fee.
  2. All fees related to the building permit, paving / ADA, and the stormwater pollution prevention permit fees are paid at time of building permit issuance. Sewer and water development fees are typically paid at time of building permit issuance, and must be paid prior to connection permits being issued.
  3. Sub-contractors and excavators typically pay for the connection and permits fees when they apply for the permits.