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Sidewalk Snow/Ice Hazard Reporting Form

  1. The City of Missoula intends for our sidewalks to be safely passable for people of all ages and abilities in winter. We appreciate your assistance in reporting sidewalks in need of attention. Please do not submit a complaint if it is actively snowing.

      As the complainant, you are advised that this complaint may necessitate court action and you may be required to testify to the accuracy of your statements. Therefore, complaints are a matter of public record and anonymous complaints will not be accepted. You acknowledge that you understand these requirements and that, to the best of your knowledge, the above statements are true and correct. Further you state you will be prepared to testify in the event this matter is taken to a court of law. 

      All complaints are subject to be verified. Any and all fictitious complaints submitted will be deleted.  Please refer to for our current snow removal process.

  4. Please give us a specific address of the problem sidewalk so that inspectors may respond promptly. If the address does not match our database, the complaint will not be processed.
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