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Traffic Circle Grant application

  1. Grants are awarded to citizens who have signed an "Adopt a Traffic Circle" agreement and a volunteer release and waiver.

    You may apply to "Adopt a Traffic Circle" at the following link:

    The maximum grant award is $150.00. Once your grant is approved, you can purchase your items. We will reimburse you for the approved amount on the invoice for your purchase that you provide us. Grants can be used for plants, mulch, soil amendments, etc. It cannot be used for items purchased in the past. It cannot be used for the purchase of any tools, with the exception of hoses. It also cannot be used to pay water bills. Expenditures must be pre-approved on grant application before claims are made.
  2. Have you signed an "Adopt a Traffic Circle" agreement, release and waiver?*
  3. Have you ever applied for, and received, a Traffic Circle grant before?*
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