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Ordinances adopted but not yet codified and emergency/urgency ordinances

Ordinance 3716 (5/8/2023): An ordinance amending Missoula Municipal Code Chapter 13.27 entitled “Stormwater Management” and amending Sections 13.27.060, 13.27.200, 13.27.400, 13.27.460, 13.27.470, 13.27.500, 13.27.520, 13.27.530 to reflect current practices and clarify requirements, remove the exemption for existing MS4 permitted entities, require compliance with the Missoula City Public Works Standards and Specifications Manual, and establish reinspection and investigation fees.  

Ordinance 3719 (5/15/2023): An ordinance that extends for one year, Ordinance 3705, an interim urgency zoning measure amending Title 20, Missoula City Zoning Ordinance Section 20.05 Residential Districts, Section 20.10 Business and Commercial Districts, Section 20.15 Industrial and Manufacturing Districts, and Section 20.20 Open Space, Public, and Aviation Districts, prohibiting the application of the conditional use process to certain use categories.The extension of this interim zoning ordinance shall be applicable to specific uses in Title 20 and be effective for one year commencing May 15, during which time the city council will contemplate permanent zoning ordinance amendments to Title 20, Missoula City Zoning ordinance.

Subdivision Regulation

Subdivision Regulations

Resolution 8607 (7/18/2022): Amendments to the Missoula City Subdivision Regulations, incorporating applicable State Legislative Changes from the 2017, 2019, and 2021 legislative sessions along with limited clarifying amendments based on consideration of the review criteria. 

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