Public Works & Mobility Projects

Infrastructure Projects

The infrastructure projects shown in the map and list below are planned for the 2021 construction season within Missoula city limits. While most of these projects are City of Missoula projects, the map also includes various work to be done by other entities, such as the Montana Department of Transportation and Mountain Line. City departments collaborate to create this list by looking at their projects up to five years out and working together to plan which projects may overlap or otherwise affect or disturb one another. Staff then creates a plan to complete the projects while working together to combine resources and save money.

Infrastructure Projects Map

Water Projects - 2021

As part of the City’s acquisition of the water utility, a water main replacement program has been implemented to reduce leakage and replace aging water mains.

Right-of-Way Infrastructure Projects - 2021

These projects are generally improvements to the City's sidewalk, curb, and gutter infrastructure but can include other City projects within the right-of-way.

Sewer Projects - 2021

These projects are completed either to repair old, failing sewer mains or to increase the wastewater system’s capacity.

Stormwater Projects - 2021

Stormwater projects include construction and maintenance work on the various elements of the City’s stormwater system.

Street Maintenance Projects - 2021

Street maintenance projects include milling and overlaying streets, chipping and sealing streets, installing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramps, and completing miscellaneous other tasks to maintain and improve Missoula’s streets.

Transportation Safety Projects - 2021

The Public Works & Mobility Department uses a variety of tools to address potential transportation safety issues. These projects are the result of a process designed to improve safety for all those who use City streets.

Other Infrastructure Projects in Missoula

The City’s Public Works & Mobility Department collaborates with other governmental entities as well as public and private partners on a variety of projects.