Meet the Team

Team Photo 2023

(L-R) Lyndsey Holloway, Tracy Campbell, Marie Nelson.

Tracy Campbell Tracy Campbell - Stormwater Superintendent

Tracy Campbell is the Superintendent of the City of Missoula Stormwater Utility and has worked with the City since 2019. She started as a Program Specialist and was promoted less than one year after she was hired. Tracy manages the operations and maintenance of the City's flood control facilities: 5,000 dry wells, 42 outfalls, 43 miles of pipes, and 14,000 linear feet of levees. She is also responsible for compliance with the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit, which is administered by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality under the authority of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Most of the City's stormwater runoff is discharged directly to our aquifer and waterways without any treatment. As stormwater flows across developed areas, it picks up and carries away pollutants, depositing them into creeks, rivers, and groundwater. This is the number one cause of water quality issues in Montana. Tracy is working on implementing projects and revising standards that will improve how the City manages stormwater.

Ms. Campbell has nearly 20 years of experience in environmental regulatory compliance, specializing in the Clean Water Act, USACE Levee Safety Program, and floodplain management. She received her Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University and her Master of Science from Montana State University. She is committed to applying scientific principles to protect water quality, helping the City of Missoula make meaningful progress towards environmental sustainability and climate resiliency.

Marie Nelson

Marie Nelson - Program Specialist

Marie Nelson is the Program Specialist for the City of Missoula Stormwater Utility. Since 2019, she has served multiple roles—from marketing, design, public outreach, and staff training, to coordinating emergency repairs and routine maintenance on our vast stormwater infrastructure.  

Currently, Ms. Nelson is focused on improving public awareness about community impact on local water quality, per the City’s MS4 Permit requirements.  Education and awareness are critical, to protect our waterways  from pollutants generated due to increased urbanization and unprecedented growth. Through public ads, community cleanups, collaborating with local non-profits, neighborhood council meetings, and teaching students about pollution prevention– the Stormwater message about water quality is growing every day.

With over 25 years in marketing and customer service, and over a decade of practical experience in flood-related fieldwork throughout the Missoula Valley, Ms. Nelson has found her purpose in the Stormwater Utility.  She has a passion for education and the environment and brings that excitement to share with all of Missoula.

Lyndsey Bio Pic2

Lyndsey Holloway - Program Coordinator

Lyndsey has joined us after a year of service with Big Sky Watershed Corps, working with the Lolo National Forest as a hydrologic technician. Before her term, she graduated from the University of Arkansas with a B.S. in Soil and Water Science. Lyndsey will coordinate with the public to ensure that our stormwater infrastructure is functioning correctly so that stormwater is properly drained from our sidewalks and streets. Her other tasks include preventing nonpoint source pollution, locating geographic data on infrastructure, grant management, conducting inspections of various construction sites, public outreach, and assisting in the Stormwater Utility’s water sampling plan. Her love of fly fishing has instilled a strong connection to Montana’s waterways and a passion to protect them. If you see Lyndsey in the field or around town, let her know where your favorite place to catch Cutthroat Trout is!