FY14 Adopted CIP

Community Service Projects
CS-01 Debt Services
CS-05 Riverfront Triangle Parking Structure
CS-06 Street Maintenance Storage Site
CS-07 Upper Gharett Drainage Improvements
CS-08 Grant Creek Drainange Improvements
CS-09 Central Maintenance Building Tools
CS-10 HillviewWay Storm Water Pipe Upsizing
CS-11 URD II Curb and Sidewalk Improvements
CS-12 URD III Wayfinding
CS-13 -New- Bank Structure
CS-16 New- Mayor and Attorney Office Remodel
CS-17 Salt Brine Facility
CS-18 Energy Savings Reseach
CS-19  New- MAM Plaza
CS-20  New- Back up and Disaster Recovery
CS-21  New- Facility Equipment
CS-22  New- Facility Storage
CS-23 City Hall Maintenance & Repairs
CS-24  New- Energy Savings Parks Operations
CS-25 Council Chambers Enhancement