Dog License

Purchasing a License

Both City and County residents must license all dogs over the age of four months. New residents must purchase a dog license within 60 days of moving into the County or City. Connect with Animal Control for questions related to the ordinances or to download licensing and adoption forms.

You can purchase a license at the:

  • Within City limits: City Hall
    City Finance Office
    435 Ryman Street
    Missoula, MT 59802
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  • For County residents: County Courthouse
    County Treasurer's Office
    200 W. Broadway
    Missoula, MT 59802
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License TypeOne YearTwo YearThree Year
Puppy 4-6 mo to 1 yr.$15/$16--
Altered Service Dog$10

Senior Citizen Discounts:

  • City residents 65 or over receive half price for all dogs licensed.
  • County residents 65 or over receive the first dog license half price and all additional dogs are regular price.


The following papers are required when purchasing a dog license:

  • A copy of the current rabies certificate (your veterinarian should provide you with two copies if you want to license your dog by mail)
  • Proof that your dog has been spayed or neutered in order to receive the discount
Late feeTransfer FeeDuplicate FeeCity
Multiple Dog Fee
Kennel License

Other Information

Dog licenses are issued with an expiration date associated with the rabies vaccination date. This vaccination can be for one or two years, but no longer than three years. A dog license must be renewed on or before the expiration date to avoid the penalty fee of $5.

Fee Base

All fees for dog licensing is based on the expiration date of the rabies vaccination, whether the dog is altered or unaltered and if you reside in the city limits or not.


If you live within the City limits, your dog must be on a leash every time he/she is off of your property. Outside of city limits, your dog should be on a leash. If it isn't, you must be in voice control of your dog and must be with your dog.

*Senior citizens (65 or over) who had licensed their dogs prior to and as of Sept. 10, 2003 were grandfathered in with one free license for the first dog and full price for any additional dogs. Senior citizens who live in the County and licensed a dog after this date and for the first time will be charged half price for the first dog and full price for any additional dogs. Senior citizens who live in the city limits will be charged half price for every dog they own.

Service Dog Licenses

Altered service dog licenses are half-price, which is $10 for a one-year license.

Number Regulations

Within the city limits, owners of three or more dogs must purchase a multiple dog permit from the Animal Control Office. If you live in the county, and own six or more dogs you must purchase a Kennel license from the Animal Control Office. The Animal Control Office can be reached by calling 406-541-7387.

Dog License Resolution 7980 (PDF)