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1. Do ADUs require additional parking?
2. Are there design standards for ADUs?
3. Can I convert my garage to an ADU?
4. Is it required that the homeowner live in the primary residence?
5. I have been notified of my neighbor’s intent to build an ADU. Is there anything I can do to prevent it from being built?
6. I would like to build an ADU, where should I begin?
7. Can an ADU share utility infrastructure with a primary residence?
8. What if I have an existing second dwelling unit not approved through a permit process?
9. Who owns the water and sewer services lines?
10. Do I need a separate water service line for my accessory structure?
11. If my existing house is billed for water as a flat rate, can I add an accessory building to the account?
12. Do I need a separate sewer service line for my accessory structure?
13. Where do I find information about my existing water or sewer service line?
14. How do I complete a fixture count?
15. Do I need a separate water meter for my accessory structure?
16. Can my accessory structure be billed separately for water?