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City of Missoula
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Parks Department

  1. Parks and Recreation BASE Camp Scholarship

    Apply for a scholarship for BASE Camp out-of-school-time child care. ALL families, regardless of income level, are eligible.

  2. Private Lesson Request

    Currents offers private and semi-private lessons. Private (one-on-one) lessons are $15/lesson, $20/semi-private lesson (2 students per... More…

  3. Sponsor Interest Form

    For those interested in the opportunity to become a Corporate Sponsor for the Fort Missoula Regional Park or would like more... More…

  4. Volunteer Interest Form

    For those interested in volunteering for Fort Missoula Regional Park or seeking more information. Contact: Nikki Perez Recreation... More…

  1. Parks Refund Request

    Request a refund or credit on account for a program canceled by Parks and Recreation.

  2. Publicity/Press Release Request
  3. Tree Debris Removal Request

    Report downed tree branches from City trees. If this is an emergency, call 911.