Can my accessory structure be billed separately for water?

: Yes, the customer can choose to install a separate water meter in a pit for a new accessory structure. If the customer chooses to install a separate meter, curb boxes must be installed that will allow each meter to be shut off independently, or a separate line to the main can be installed for the accessory structure. The meter pit and curb box should be placed as shown in the Typical Residential Water Service Detail (WSD-2)

The customer should be aware of the costs associated with metering the accessory structure separately, including the cost of installing the pit and curb boxes that will allow each account to be shutoff separately, the additional monthly fixed charge for the water meter, and the additional sewer development fee that is charged for each meter. In the future Missoula Water is also planning to institute a water development fee that will be charged for each meter. 

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