What are the steps to a sign permit?

The sign permit application and checklist can be found here. Your application should include information about each proposed sign – type, size, height, weight, and location. There should be dimensioned site plans, elevations and sign specs included, as well as any other drawings to demonstrate compliance. Ground signs of a certain height require structural drawings.

When planning any sign, applicants will have to calculate the sign area. Separate measuring rules apply to each type of sign (i.e. ground, wall, etc.) See Municipal Zoning Code Title 20, 20.75.170 - Measurement Rules for information on how to measure and calculate the area of a sign.

Send the application and all associated materials to coordinators@ci.missoula.mt.us.

An assigned case planner will reach out for any additional information required to determine a sign’s compliance.

A sign permit must be approved, paid for, and issued prior to being installed.

There is a process for requesting signs that do not comply with sign regulations. Those requests require a public hearing before the Design Review Board. Staff can provide details of costs and timing for that process.

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