I have a ticket, do I have to see the Judge?

Many tickets can be paid on-line at CitepayUSA or paid at the counter without waiting to see the Judge. Please call 406-552-6180 to verify if your citation can be paid without a court appearance. Most minor traffic offenses and city ordinance violations qualify for an appearance with the Traffic Bureau Settlement Master. The Settlement Master isn't a Judge, but is able to accept a guilty, no contest, or not guilty plea, the same as the Judge. If you wish to plead guilty or no contest, the Settlement Master will proceed with sentencing, based on guidelines from the Municipal Court Judge. The Settlement Master may also be able to offer a deferred sentence, if you meet specific qualifications. If you wish to plead not guilty, which will start the process for a trial, the Settlement Master will set your next hearing date. All future hearings, after an entry of not guilty plea, will occur with the Judge.

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1. I have a ticket, do I have to see the Judge?
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