Do I need a Building Permit?

If you are within the Missoula City Limits you may. Please see a list of typical projects that require a building permit at

  • Additions
  • Commercial building projects
  • Commercial storage buildings and garages of any size
  • Decks
  • Demolition
  • Most new residential construction projects
  • Interior remodels (adding/removing walls, relocating fixtures, alterations)
  • Egress windows
  • Remodeling
  • Siding
  • Signs or fences over 7' in height
  • Swimming pools
  • Residential or commercial roofing
  • Residential storage buildings and garages over 200 sq. ft. of floor area *
  • Retaining wall
  • Fences of flag poles over 7' tall (Note: All fences require a fence permit regardless of height)
  • All connections and repairs to the city's sewer system require an excavation permit from Development Services. 

More Requirements

This list does not contain all types of work requiring a permit. Please call our office at 406-552-6630 before starting any type of work to determine whether you need a permit. Any residential buildings with interior dimensions of 200* sq. ft. or less may not require a building permit if it is also an independent structure not attached to a residential home. More detailed information regarding required forms is available for commercial permits and for residential permits. If planning on upsizing water meter, water and sewer development fees will be charge in addition to the cost of the meter itself. Please review the development fee schedule here

* Storage buildings under 200 sq. ft. may require a permit or approval from zoning.

Permit Information & Applications.

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