Water Utility Acquisition

    In his third term, Mayor John Engen has worked diligently to ensure the security of the citizens of Missoula's water supply and distribution system.  In doing so, he and his leadership team have pursued ownership of the privately held Mountain Water Company.  When the company's international owners declined the City's offers of purchase, the acquisition attempt became the subject of a court case.

    Community Quality of Life Initiative

    The City of Missoula, The University of Montana and the Associated Students of The University of Montana agree to work collaboratively on issues affecting the quality of life in our community and signed a pledge to do so on Dec. 10, 2012. The work will concentrate in four areas: increasing the inventory of quality, affordable housing for students; improving existing rental stock through basic regulation of residential rental property; improving neighborhoods across the city through a well-staffed quality-of-life program; and improving transportation and parking options for all citizens.

    Reaching Home: Missoula's 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness

    Commissioned by Mayor John Engen and Missoula County Commissioner Jean Curtiss, Missoula's plan lays down clear solutions to homelessness.

    Best Place Project
    Mayor John Engen announced his new economic development initiative, the Best Place Project, during his State of Missoula speech on Tuesday, February 2, 2010.

    The project will unite the expertise of the City of Missoula with the experience and skills of some of our largest employers to recruit businesses, retain existing businesses, and redevelop facilities and infrastructure that supports businesses in Missoula.

    Homelessness & Housing Instability in Missoula: Needs Assessment 2010

    As we tackle decisions large and small about the ways we serve our least fortunate citizens, we need solid information about what their needs are and where our help matters the most. Last fall, I asked for a meaningful survey of homeless and precariously served people to glean this information. It was conducted by Dr. Maxine Jacobson through her consulting firm PRAXIS – Building Knowledge for Action with Rachel Gooen of 5th House Consulting. Dr. Jacobson has more than 20 years experience in leading community-based research projects. We will use it to guide our planning process as we work to better meet the needs in our community.

    Working Together: A Best-practices Approach to Improving the City of Missoula’s Development Review System

    In July 2010, Mayor John Engen commissioned a study to look thoughtfully at the effectiveness and efficiency of the City of Missoula’s development review system and to recommend improvements. Mayor Engen and Chief Administrative Officer Bruce Bender hired Dennis Taylor, a former city manager with long experience in public administration in Montana. Mayor Engen also asked Taylor to recommend the steps necessary to form a “one-stop” customer service model for permitting and licensing for the City.

    Next steps: Mayor Engen will work with the Missoula County commissioners, City and County chief administrative officers, key staff members, and the community to look at the recommendations and decide on the most practical and helpful course of action.

    Mayor's Housing Initiative

    Mayor John Engen held a community discussion on March 13, 2008, to discuss the challenges presented by housing prices in Missoula. The goal of the initiative is to share information, inquire about solutions, explore ideas, identify what's missing, and cooperate on working toward answers.

    The latest milestone added to this page is the 2010 study “Housing Preferences in Missoula: A Survey-Based Assessment.” The Office of Planning and Grants and Mayor John Engen commissioned The University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research to capture Missoula County residents’ opinions, perceptions, and preferences about housing. The result is this two-volume study.

    Mayor's Strategic Plan