Air Quality

Air Quality Considerations
The Snow Removal Plan is written in regard to air quality considerations. The particulate matter generated from sanding material is a major source of winter air pollution and violations of EPA Air Quality Standards. The Snow Removal Plan is intended to reduce the street sanding contribution to particulate matter in the air.

In addition to using sand, the Street Maintenance Division utilizes the chemical deicer in areas specified in the Air Pollution Control Board regulations for controlling ice and snow conditions as a means of reducing sand material. The area in which deicer is to be used includes all streets within the city limits lying between, and including, Interstate 90 to the north and SW Higgins and 39th Street to the south.

Deicer material is magnesium chloride with a rust inhibitor added that has to meet air quality standards per the Missoula Valley Water Quality District. Deicers reduce the indirect costs of winter snow control by reducing sand clean-up in the spring, while keeping roads clear of packed snow and ice.