Lease Areas - On Street and Off Street


Lease Rates
Name Location Rate Available*
Bank Street Structure South side of 1st Interstate Bank $65-$75 No
Bridge Lot Under Higgins Avenue Bridge $55 No
Caras Lot Riverfront $55 No
Central Park Structure 128 W Main Street $65-$75 No
East Main Street East Main and Washington $55 No
East Spruce Street 200 Block East Spruce Street $30 No
Engine Lot Just south of the tracks off of Washington St. 35.00 No
Greyhound Lot 130 W Broadway $55 No
Kiwanis Park Lot Kiwanis Park $35 No
Midtown Lot 400 N Higgins $55 No
New Park Lot Riverfront $55 No
North Ryman Street 600 N Ryman $30 No
Owen Street 300 Block Owen Street $30 No
Park Place Structure Front and Pattee $75 No
Railroad Street 100-200 West Railroad Street $30 No
Riverside Lot Riverfront $55 No
Smith Hotel Lot By Depot Restaurant $35 No
West Alder Street 200 W. Alder $30 No
West Broadway Lot West Broadway and Woody $55 No
West Broadway Street 400 W Broadway $30 No
West Front Lot 400 West Front $35 No
West Front Street 400-500 Block West Front $30 No
Woody Lot Pine and Woody $50 No
Woody Street 500 Block Woody Street $30 No
* Please contact the Parking Commission office at (406) 552-6250 if you would like to be on a waitlist for lease parking.