Growth Policy and Neighborhood Plans

Our Missoula Growth Policy 2035

The Our Missoula Growth Policy 2035, and more information regarding Growth Policy updates and Code Reform can be found on the Long-Range Planning Team's Our Missoula Growth Policy webpage. 

The city’s Growth Policy, adopted in 2015, is intended to guide development by helping to make decisions associated with changes to land development regulations (zoning and subdivision) and land development patterns (how development occurs on the ground).  

There are three organizing concepts in the Land Use Recommendations chapter of the Growth Policy. For more information about the community organization and outreach process for the policy, please see the full document, Our Missoula Growth Policy 2035. 

Concept 1: Organize around the Core. 

Concept 2: Organize around Places. 

Concept 3: Organize around Transportation. 

Land Use Designation and other policies are established to provide a guide for the appropriate development and re-development locations for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. The Land Use Designation does not always represent existing uses but instead reflects desired uses and direction as the city meets new growth challenges. 

One example of the way the Growth Policy serves as a guiding document are the tables below, which correlate a Land Use Designation with current relatable zoning districts from Municipal Zoning Code, Title 20. 

Residential Land Use Designation

Employee-Based Land Use DesignationSpecial Purpose Land Use Designation

Primary Mixed-Use Land Use Designation

For instructions on how to determine your parcel’s Land Use Designation, and therefore its development options, see the ‘What’s my Zoning?’ webpage.

Demographic and Population Predictions

Annexation Policy

There are no city-initiated annexations. Requests to be connected to city services are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Utility Services Review Committee.

Neighborhood and Area Plans

Primary ways that the Growth Policy guides development activity within the community is through development of City Subdivision and Zoning regulations and consideration during City Subdivision and City zoning proposals.

These plans, listed on the city's Plans and Policies webpage, were adopted as amendments to the Missoula County Growth Policy for the City concurrent with its adoption in 2006 and are included as amendments to the Our Missoula Growth Policy.

Many of the current neighborhood plans include areas subject to both City and County jurisdiction. The Neighborhood plans range in age from being adopted as recent as 2009 and as long ago as 1980. The plans also vary greatly in their detail, perspective, and approach to implementation.