Raymond Avenue Subdivision Lots 2A & 2B

2nd Element Review Cover Letter
S0-0 Cover - Index - Timeline
S1-1    Subdivision Checklist
S1-2    1st Element Review Cover Letter 4-13-17
S1-3    1st Element Response from Development Services
S1-4    2nd R=Element Review Cover Letter 5-3-17
S2-1    Project Summary
S2-2    Variance
S3-0    2016 Minor Subdivision Application
S4-1    Vicinity Map
S4-2    USGS Topo Map
S4-3    Adjacent Property Owners and Map
S4-4    Park Add Blk 22 Lot 2
S4-5    Park Add Blk 22 Multiple Lots
S4-6    Aerial Map
S4-7    Soils Map and Definitions
S4-8    Vegetation Map
S4-9    FEMA Map
S4-10  Zoning-Comp-Land Use Maps
S4-11  Fire Hydrant Map
S4-12  Existing Conditions Map 
S4-13  Mountain Line Route 2016
S4-14  Slope Map Lot 2A 
S4-14  Slope Map Lot 2B
S4-15  Entire Lot 2 on 3-10-17
S4-15  Worksheet for Lot 2A
S4-15  Worksheet for Lot 2B
S4-16  School Bus Schedule and Stops
S5-0    Municipal Facilities Exemption Submittal
S6-1    Wildlife Habitat
S6-2    Elk General Year Round Map MTNHP
S6-3    Wetland and Riparian Resource Map
S7-0    Neighborhood Meeting on 3-14-17
S7-1    Agency Responses 5-30-17
S7-2    Dev Service Responses to Sufficiency Agency Review 6-1-17
S7-3    Cover letter to Governing Body
S8-1    CW Subdivision Guarantee
S8-2    SP-Exceptions  DOT
S8-3    SP-Vesting Deed
S9-1    Proposed Development Covenants
S9-2    Brochure: Communities Compatible with Nature
S10-0  Preliminary Plat 5-3-17