Fort Missoula Regional Park (FMRP)

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FMRP Construction photos

Tennis and Pickleball courts are scheduled to open to the public at the Grand Opening of Phase II, projected for July 26. Opening date is weather dependent.

FMRP Phase 2 Grand Opening set for July 26

The projected Phase 2 opening date has been changed to Thursday, July 26 (weather permitting.) Contractors are on schedule, but due to cool, rainy weather last fall and this spring, the park's turf grass is not ready for public use.

Phase 2 includes 7 state-of-the-art softball diamonds, a concession facility, tennis/pickleball courts, park headquarters, playgrounds, two social recreation areas, picnic shelters, trails, open parkland, a dog park and more.

In order to accommodate spring sports schedules, the park construction team has agreed to allow highly-regulated programs and user groups, who would otherwise be displaced, access to facilities. Parks and Recreation has collaborated with contractors to accommodate high school tennis practice and adult softball leagues on a limited, supervised basis. User groups are admitted only to specific areas and are strictly monitored by Parks staff at all times in order to restrict access and protect users from construction zones.

Without this controlled access, Big Sky and Valley Christian high schools would not have practice courts available for the high school tennis season, and the three county-wide adult softball leagues would not be able to begin their spring season. User groups are paying standard facility rental fees and are reimbursing the City for site supervision costs. Call 552-6273 for more information.

Caring for grass sports fields at the Fort

Missoula voters have invested millions of dollars to construct the 10 natural turf fields at FMRP. The fields were designed for optimal safety, playability and sustainability in mind. The City and County are working with sports groups to maximize playing time while preserving the community's investment in the long term. Parks and Recreation opened sports fields in several neighborhood parks earlier this spring to allow soccer and other sports to start spring practices before FMRP fields were opened.

The opening date for the Phase I natural grass sports fields will be weather dependent each spring. Winter puts turf grasses into a dormant state, and sports play on dormant grass irreparably damages the fields and creates unsafe field conditions. Sports turf needs sufficient sunlight and relatively warm air and soil temperatures to enter into its growth phase and retain its ability to rebound from wear and tear. Field closures take into effect the health and safety of athletes as well as the maintenance and long-term playing conditions of the fields.

Reservations for Phase 1 facilities are in full swing, with several large sports tournaments already on the books for later this spring and summer. The Bella Vista pavilion is also in high demand as a desirable venue for weddings, parties and special events of all types. Please call 721-PARK (7275) to inquire about availability of Bella Vista field, pavilion or any other park facility.

Residents are reminded: FMRP is a City park, and City leash laws apply. Dogs must be leashed in all City parks and on commuter trails; owners must remove their pet's waste. Thank you for helping to keep FMRP safe and enjoyable for all. Call Missoula Animal Control at 541-7387 for more information or to report animal-related concerns. 

FMRP Phase 1 construction complete

FMRP Phase 1 celebrated its grand opening on Saturday, April 29, 2017.

The new park is a joint City-County project, and is funded by the county-wide 2014 Parks and Trails Bond. The voter-approved $42 million measure allocated $38 million for Fort Missoula Regional Park; $3 million for the Missoula County trails program, and $1 million for new and improved playgrounds throughout the City. Phase 2 of Fort Missoula Regional Park is slated to open in the summer of 2018.

Phase 1 construction at Fort Missoula includes the Bella Vista events pavilion, a 5000-sq. ft. timber and stone structure with a fireplace, skylight and portable dance floor, the Bella Vista synthetic turf lighted multi-sport field, up to 10 (depending on the sport) multi-sport natural turf fields, an additional pavilion, two playgrounds, historical interpretation, plus trails, restrooms and parking. The new entrance of the park, located at South Avenuenue and 33rd Street, features a bronze statute commemorating the Fort's history as headquarters of one of the country's largest Civilian Conservation Corps districts in the 1930s and '40s. FMRP Events and Reservations

Historic monument welcomes visitors to FMRP

A 6-foot tall, 460-pound "CCC Worker" will greet visitors at FMRP when contractors install the historic bronze statue next month. The statue honors Fort Missoula's heritage as one of the country's largest Civilian Conservation Corp camps in the 1930's and '40's. Watch the FMRP webpage for the date and time of the installation.

A friendly reminder...
FMRP is a closed construction zone

Construction at Fort Missoula Regional Park is sparking public interest as the park takes shape.

For for the safety and security of the public, the park is a closed construction zone. Residents may safely view the park from the adjacent public streets, including South Avenue, 36th Street and Green Guidon Avenue

A new roundabout at 33rd and South is now open. Only authorized personnel and vehicles are allowed at the construction site. Unauthorized visitors will be asked to leave.

If you witness suspicious activity at the construction site, please call 911. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

2014 Missoula County Parks and Trails Bond

Thank you, Missoula, for your support of the 2014 $42 million Missoula County Parks and Trails Bond.

The bond funds the development of Fort Missoula Regional Park, 10 new or improved City playgrounds, and a new trails program for Missoula County. $38 million of bond funds were earmarked for FMRP, $3 funded the Missoula County Trails program, and $1 million was allocated for playgrounds.

The Fort Missoula project has a Design/Construction Oversight Committee, minutes of their meetings are linked at right.

Phase I construction of Fort Missoula Regional Park will focus on the western half of the park, including multi-use sport fields, trails, shelters, restrooms, plus parking and road improvements. On-site construction began March 2016.

Work on the eastern half of the Park will begin as early as Fall 2016 with facilities ready for use as early as Fall 2017.

When complete, FMRP will be a county-wide and regional destination with 156 acres of trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, historic interpretation, sport courts, including pickleball, a dog park, support facilities, plus a brand new sports complex.

July, 2016 Project Overview (PDF)

City and County parks staff met with stakeholders and interest groups on July 19 to share a project progress report and answer questions. Phase I of the park is slated to open in Spring, 2017, with sports fields ready for play by late spring. View Parks and Recreation Director Donna Gaukler's presentation (PDF).

Public Open Houses and FAQ

April, 2015

Citizens participated in an open house to learn more about the FMRP plan, ask questions and provide public comment. Public Comment Summary and FAQ (PDF) Open House Presentation (PDF)

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