Historic Preservation

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Preserving Our Shared Past

Historic Preservation is about a lot more than old buildings, it's about retaining and protecting our communal character.

With ten historic districts (PDF) and 62 individually listed buildings (PDF) on the National Register of Historic Places, Missoula's built (and non-built) past is a critical part of its contemporary charm. From the Moon-Randolph Homestead to the Florence Building, the Milwaukee to the Northern Pacific Railroad depot, the Lolo Trail to the Higgins Bridge, the Alien Detention Barracks at Fort Missoula to the Wilma Theater, our historic places help shape the character which makes Missoula unique.

Higgins Ave.

As a Certified Local Government (CLG), the City of Missoula works to provide information, guidance and resources to community members, property owners, and elected leaders in all aspects of preservation related projects. The Historic Preservation Office (HPO) and Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) work to facilitate appropriate preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, and adaptive reuse of Missoula's existing buildings. In doing so, the HPO and HPC oversee preservation programs including the National Register of Historic Places, historic architecture survey, review and compliance, preservation planning, and public education. We recognize the many benefits that historic preservation can serve toward other initiatives as well, and integrate sustainability, economic incentive, and community development for the progression of preservation in Missoula as a whole.

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Your Preservation Toolkit

Learn the latest in Preservation research with these useful studies from the National Trust's Preservation Green Lab. These guides will equip you with quantifiable facts and data related to the many benefits of preserving our built environment. 

The Atlas of ReUrbanism, Summary Front Page 1
Older Smaller Better, Measuring Character, Summary Front Page
The Greenest Building, Summary Front Page

Your Local Resource

Are you considering an addition to your historic home? Need help evaluating structural integrity? The local Historic Preservation Commission is here to assist you! Historical architects and engineers are available to guide your design in a historically sensitive manner – free of charge! Contact the Planning Section of Development Services at (406) 552-6638 for more information and to set up a site visit.

Looking to research a particular building? Click here for a local research guide (PDF).

Historic Preservation Permits (HPP)

Historic Preservation Permits (PDF) are required for alterations to historic properties that are individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Emy Scherrer, Historic Preservation Officer, will assist you in navigating the regulatory framework established in the City’s Historic Preservation Ordinance. See the list of properties (PDF)subject to review by the Commission.  

Historic Missoula

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