Private Development Projects

Building Activity

Monthly Development Snapshot

The Monthly Development Snapshot PDF provides a snapshot of development activity in Missoula.

Monthly Development Report

Summary reports are available for the previous month, or you can view all reports back to January 2010. Reports prior to January 2010 are also available.

Commercial and Residential Building Permit Activity

This report lists building permits with addresses, work description, and value of work. The current report is updated weekly and previous months are also available. Visit our Ebiz website to search for permits by address or type.

Application Projects In Review

Prior to going to boards or committees for consideration, several types of projects undergo a comment period. Listed below are projects that are currently being reviewed. Information for projects that have already been decided or are already scheduled for meetings can be found by searching webcasts and agendas.

Administrative Adjustment Applications

522 W Bickford: Parcel Area for One Additional Dwelling Unit - Application

Annexation Applications

Annexation - England Boulevard - Application

Linda Vista 18th   - 

Linda Vista 11th and 19th -  

3719/3721/3723 Grant Creek Road Annexation - Application

Board of Adjustments Applications

Fire Station #3 Storage Building – Public Forum Request - Application

Wheat Montana Variance - Application

Conditional Use Applications


Pet Emergency Center, 1914 Reserve St & 2432 North Ave W - Application

Design Review Board Applications

Alternative Compliance for Multi Family Activity Area at 1841South 7th St. W - Application

YWCA Comprehensive Sign Package - Application

Providence St. Patrick Hospital Comprehensive Sign Package - Application

Floodplain Permit Applications

Riverfront Triangle Partners, LLC - Application

Greenough Park Bank Replacement - Application

Historic Preservation Applications

501 W Alder St HPP - Application

Rezoning Application

2103 River Road - Application

500 South Higgins Avenue - Application

2520 Schilling and 2134 Dearborn - Application

Mill Site Special Zoning District - Application

Subdivision Applications

Subdivision Exemption

Block 6 of Millsite Phase 1 Wyoming-North Subdivision Boundary Line Relocation - Application

River View Subdivision and Rezone - Application

Greenough Heights Subdivision and Rezone - Application

Family Transfer through Subdivision Exemption:

205 Teddy Turn - Application

Tract 1 of Certificate of Survey 6397 (Polk & Poplar Street) - Application

Townhome Exemption Development Applications

812 Palmer Street 6-Unit TED - Application

2100 S 8th St W 10-unit TED - Application