Completed Projects in City Planning

Projects recently competed by the City Planning Section. On the Current Projects page, see what we are working on right now.


  • University District Character Overlay -

    The City Council adopted the University Neighborhood Character Overlay in June, 2018. The amendments include the creation and application of the University District Neighborhood Character Overlay which applies to all residentially zoned lands within the University Neighborhood District. The intent of the district is to preserve development, redevelopment, and rehabilitation that is compatible with the scale, orientation and setting of original buildings in the neighborhood. The overlay district is also intended to prevent the loss of housing units in the district by prohibiting parcel aggregation. The ordinance can be viewed here.


  • Signs and Terminology update – On October 2, 2017 the Missoula City Council held a public hearing regarding and adopting amendments to the Signs (20.75) and Terminology (20.100) sections of Title 20 Zoning, bringing the sections into compliance with a US Supreme court decision requiring all sign codes across the country to be content-neutral in their application. Additional amendments included updating the sections to be consistent with other Municipal codes, and clarifying language were also adopted. The current Signs (20.75) and Terminology (20.100) regulations can be found online in Title 20.
  • Brooks Street Corridor Study Plan Complete - The City of Missoula Development Services, with assistance from New Mobility West, the Missoula Redevelopment Agency, Missoula Urban Transportation District, Missoula Midtown Association, and PUMA (Progressive Urban Management Associates) seeks to identify approaches that can help Brooks Street become a more transit and pedestrian-friendly corridor. Development along the corridor is underway and the time is right to begin considering opportunities to improve transportation and development planning in the area.

The study process has been completed and the final report will be available in Late December.


  • Townhome Exemption Development Standards Adopted - The City Council held a public hearing on April 18, 2016 and adopted the proposed Townhome Exemption Development standards with one amendment which requires notice to neighbors of proposed Townhome Exemption Developments in single and two-unit residential zoning districts. The adopted ordinance is in effect as of May 18, 2016 and can be viewed here.
  • Wireless Communication Facilities (Cell Towers) Updates - On May 23rd, 2016 the City Council adopted amendments to the Wireless Communications Facilities (20.40.160) and Terminology (20.100) sections of Missoula's Zoning Ordinance (Title 20). Amendments were made to bring the regulations into compliance with current Federal regulations and address current technology. The new regulations can be found in ordinance from here or by referencing Title 20.
  • Annual Title 20 (Zoning) Maintenance - Annual update amendments to Title 20 (PDF) (Missoula Zoning Ordinance) were considered and adopted by the Planning Board on October 4, 2016 and the City Council November 7th. Twenty five amendments were considered resulting in changes that included:
    • The creation of the RM2 (residential) and B3 (commercial) zoning districts
    • Clarifying mixed use buildings are a permitted use in residential districts when uses are permitted or conditionally approved
    • Amending the Residential Support Services section (20.40.120) to make the use more viable and include development standards
    • Permitting detached accessory structures in the front yard of through lots
    • Clarifying the Screening section of the Landscape chapter
    • Permitting the conversion of accessory structures to dwellings on lots with enough lot area and subject to development standards
  • UFDA Update for 2015

    - Yearbook (PDF)
  • Tourist Home Regulation Amendments - The Recently adopted Tourist Home Ordinance (PDF) allows Tourist Home Use in all zoning districts (with restrictions) that allow residential uses. Tourist homes are also known as "vacation rentals" or "vacation rental by owner". More Information

The Tourist Home Amendment s project is a City Council Initiated proposal to allow Tourist Home Use in residential zoning districts and add license and inspection requirements.


  • UFDA Update for 2013-2014 - Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)
  • Our Missoula City Growth Policy 2035 - Document, Map
  • Annual Title 20 (Zoning) Maintenance

    - Annual maintenance amendments to Title 20 (Missoula Zoning Ordinance) were considered and adopted by the Planning Board on June 2 and the City Council July 6, 2015. Twenty eight amendments were considered resulting in changes that included:

      • Adding preschool and solar uses
      • Limiting the size of ADUs in accessory structures
      • Clarifying the transition of old CLBs to current procedures
      • Clarifying alternative compliance for landscaping, administrative adjustment for parcel area
      • Timing for certain sign types
      • Vehicle/bike parking and drive-through lanes
  •  View current regulations.


  • Social Service Use Zoning - City Council adopted an ordinance to guide the placement, permitted uses, and standards for "Soup Kitchens" (meal centers) and homeless shelters; these uses are specifically addressed in the amended zoning code. The ordinance goes into effect February 26, 2014 . Find information on our Social Service Use Zoning resource web page.
  • Amendments to Subdivision Regulations - Article Exempt Land Divisions - At their February 24 meeting, City Council passed a resolution of intention to adopt amendments to the City of Missoula Subdivision Regulations - Exempt Land Divisions, Section 8-040-Exemption Procedures. These amendments require applications be submitted directly to Development Services, instead of the City Attorney's Office, streamlining the process, and add a $200 application fee, as allowed by State Law.
  • Amend Southside Riverfront Neighborhood Character Overlay - This is a City Council initiated request to amend the building design standards of the Southside Riverfront Neighborhood Character Overlay Zone. The purpose of the overlay is intended to accommodate a mixture of commercial and residential needs of the Southside Riverfront neighborhoods in a manner that supports pedestrian movement. Building design standards included in the overlay encourage connectivity of pedestrians and businesses on public streets by requiring direct entryways, at least 20% glazing on street facing ground floor walls, and modulation of exterior walls. See staff reports and amendments on-line.
  • Russell Street Corridor Design Study - Fall of 2014, Progressive Urban Management Associates conducted a study, including a public process, to examine urban design and land use regulation as part of the City's effort to shape future building design and land use along Russell Street from South Third Street West to West Broadway. The resulting report issued December 19, Russell Street Development Recommendations (PDF), contains a summary of public input and recommendations. Funded by a grant through the Sonoran Institute, the project was completed in conjunction with the City of Missoula's Development Services and the Missoula Redevelopment Agency.


  • Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and Parking Amendment - (Ch.20.45.060 (PDF) and Ch 20.60.020 (PDF)) - Title 20. Background information is available on the City's public access website as supporting documents. For information on the ADU permitting process, check out our new ADU Fact sheet and checklist (PDF).
  • Building for Lease or Rent - The City Council adopted new Building for Lease or Rent regulations Monday, August 26; they are effective immediately. For now, please refer to the draft regulation. When the regulation is formatted and posted, this site will link to the final version. The regulations apply to multiple building or unit developments on a single lot. It includes several exemptions which make most potential developments in Missoula exempt from the regulations. For information on the applicability of the new regulations, call the Development Services information desk, (406) 552-6630.
  • Title 20 Maintenance - Approved October 28, 2013, the 2013 Title 20 Zoning Maintenance is comprised of clarifications to more clearly illustrate the language in the existing ordinance. This year's changes were to: 1. Address legislative changes, 2. Clarify when cell tower applicants are required to seek Historic Preservation Permit review, 3. Create consistency between City departments for accessory structure rear yard setbacks, 4. Clarify that long-term bike parking is required in addition to other required storage spaces, 5. Clarify available landscaping, 6. Clarify the HPC appeal process and quorum requirements, 7. Expand the applicability section of "Remedies and Enforcement Powers" to specifically include use, 8. Insert regulations addressing pump top units, 9. Address where pet services occur and it's definition and, 10. Clarify that the addition of a bay window encroaching in a setback cannot increase the usable floor area in a structure.
  • UFDA Yearbook 2012 (PDF)



  • Accessory Structure Amendments - (Ch. 20.45.020 (PDF)) - Title 20
  • City Streets, Access, and Transportation Chapter Amendment - (Article 3-020 (PDF)) - Subdivision Regulation
  • Title 20 Maintenance - Annual zoning maintenance - Title 20
  • Article 9 - Public and Private Improvements, chapter amendments (Article 9 (PDF)) Subdivision Regulations
  • Create Neighborhood Profiles - Demographic profiles for neighborhood council districts.