Current Projects in City Planning

 We also have a list of recently completed projects from the last five years. Below is a list of current projects:  

  • Proposed Future Land Use Map Amendments for North Reserve/Scott Street Area

     to be considered at the January 11 City Council Land Use and Planning meeting. In conjunction with final consideration of the North Reserve Scott Street Master Plan, the City of Missoula, Development Services is proposing targeted amendments to the general Future Land Use Map that is part of the Our Missoula 2035 City Growth Policy. These amendments create consistency and help to implement the vision concept from the Master Plan. The proposed map amendments are available for review and comment. The Planning Board will consider this plan at their December 6 meeting (time not yet set, City Council Chambers, 140 W Pine). Comments on the amendment to the Future Land Use Designation Map are being collected through November 30 and may be submitted to Tom Zavitz.
  • For additional information regarding the City Growth Policy and existing land uses, please see the Our Missoula page

  • Annual Title 20 (Zoning) Maintenance

      - The 2016 maintenance project is complete.  The 2017 Title 20 Maintenance project has not been scheduled at this time.
  • Urban Fringe Development Area Project (UFDA)

    - The annual UFDA Update (2015 data) was presented to Land Use and Planning on December 7, 2016. The update for 2016 is planned for Spring 2017.
  • Brooks Street Corridor Study Plan Complete

    - The City of Missoula Development Services, with assistance from New Mobility West, the Missoula Redevelopment Agency, Missoula Urban Transportation District, Missoula Midtown Association, and PUMA (Progressive Urban Management Associates) seeks to identify approaches that can help Brooks Street become a more transit and pedestrian-friendly corridor. Development along the corridor is underway and the time is right to begin considering opportunities to improve transportation and development planning in the area.

    The study process has been completed and the final report will be available in Late December.