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2022-23 Afterschool/School's Out Sliding Fee Application

  2. 2022-23 School's Out/Afterschool Reduced Fees Application

    This form is for Afterschool and School's Out programs only. For all other programs, use the Share The Fun grant application.

    ALL families, regardless of income level, are eligible for the sliding fee scale funded by the City of Missoula, Missoula County and community donations. Please complete this form BEFORE REGISTRATION so that we may attach the correct discount level to your Webtrac account. Income levels and fees are listed below.

    If you received the 2021-22 Afterschool/School's Out Scholarship, there is no need to reapply; passes have been automatically renewed for this year. (Green, Purple or Orange level.)  Check which discount level is applied to your account.

    Valid for Afterschool and School's Out programs, 2022-23 school year only.

    Registration opens Tuesday, August 9, at 12 pm. After completing this form, we will email information about how to register for programs within 2 business days. Information provided will remain confidential. Questions or concerns? Use the comment box below, call 406-721-7275, or email Sliding fees available through 6/09/23.

    Lowell Neighborhood Center provides Afterschool and School's Out childcare via a separate program. There is no need to complete this form. Please email for more information.

    Donate any amount to support recreation and aquatics grants for families who need financial assistance. Your contribution allows us to serve more Missoula families. Or check out the Parks and Recreation license plate—100% of proceeds fund recreation and aquatics grants. Thank you!

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  5. Please list participant names and birthdates
    Members of your household only, please. List additional children in the box below.
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  7. Based on the income chart below, my family qualifies for:*

    Proof of income not required. If you require additional assistance to meet your child care needs, please contact us at 406-552-6726 or email No child will be turned away due to inability to pay.

  8. 2022-07 afterschool and schools out income grid table PNG
  9. By electronically signing this form, I certify the above information is accurate, and I agree my child/children will comply with program COVID-19 safety protocols as needed.

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