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2019 Local Government Citizens' Academy

  1. Curious about Missoula and city government?

    Want to know…
    • How can I get involved in Neighborhood Councils and Missoula County Public Schools?
    • How do the three branches of government work?
    • How the Police and Fire Departments work to keep us safe?
    • How do Missoula Parks and Recreation and Housing and Community Development serve our community?
    • Where does our water come from and where does it go? How do we take care of our streets?
    • What are the City’s present and upcoming development projects?
    • What does the County do differently than the City? What are our joint ventures?
    • What about City taxes?

    Join us for an eight week Citizens' Academy, sponsored by the Office of Neighborhoods and Community Forum with special thanks to Ward 3 City Councilors, Gwen Jones and Heather Harp, every Tuesday, Jan. 15 through March 5, at various locations around the city from 7 pm - 9 pm. Light refreshments will be served. Please note that space is limited. Efforts will be made to choose attendees with an interest and commitment to the academy, and to select a diverse geographical representation of the community.

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  3. Are you able to commit for the full 8 weeks?*

  4. Thank you! Jane Kelly, Neighborhood Coordinator,, 552-6081

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