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  1. 16th Annual Neighborhood Volunteer

    Use this form to nominate an outstanding neighborhood volunteer. There are 2 categories, individual and group. The deadline for... More…

  2. Community Forum Presentation Request
  3. Moose Can Gully/South 39th Street Priorities Questionnaire

  4. Rattlesnake Valley Transportation Questionnaire

    Questionnaire on updating the 2011 Rattlesnake Valley Transportation Summit Study

  5. Traffic Circle Grant application

    Grants are available on a first come, first serve basis for up to $150.00 each.

  1. 2019 Local Government Citizens' Academy

    Curious about Missoula and city government? Want to know… • How can I get involved in Neighborhood Councils and Missoula County... More…

  2. Contact Information--Traffic Calming Circles project

    Please fill out so we will be able to provide you with updates, events, and a information on obtaining funds and training for your... More…

  3. Neighborhood Council Request for Reallocated Funds
  4. Traffic Circle Adoption Agreement

    Future Traffic Circle Adoptee’s, We would just like to take a moment of your time to thank you for taking such a huge step into the... More…

  5. University District Residential Parking Permit Program Questionnaire

    This questionnaire is brought to you by the City of Missoula Parking Commission. The answers to these questions will help the Parking... More…