What is a "Living Fence"?

A “Living Fence” alternative to a ‘built’ fence is a hedge; hedges can include Arborvitae, Boxwood, Lilac, Yew and more.

  • hedges only need water, no painting or staining required !
  • hedges have NO 4’ or 6’ height limit, they can grow to 8’, 10’, 12’ or more !!
    • tall hedges are also great ‘fences’ (barriers) for keeping deer out of your yard !
  • hedges also absorb sound and block road / street noise, making them quieter than a hard surface fence !
  • hedges are natural, attracting birds – providing refuge and nesting opportunities !!
    • flowering hedges can also attract butterflies, dragonflies and other pollinators !
  • another important feature:  NO FENCE PERMIT REQUIRED !!

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