Where can I park?
The public may park in any legal on-street space or public lot space. Take care to note any signs in area (Permit Parking Only, Pay Here, Loading Zone, Bus Zone, etc.) and follow as directed. Inquire about monthly leased spaces, parking permits, or long-term parking PINs at the Parking Commission's office during office hours. Our Parking Map can be viewed here and you may also refer to the Parking Areas link.

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1. Where can I park?
2. What is my Zone?
3. When is parking enforced?
4. How can I report malfunctioning equipment or safety concerns to the Parking Commission?
5. Where can I park with my disability parking permit?
6. Where do I pay my parking ticket?
7. How do I obtain a permit for commercial, special services, handicap, loading zone, meter bags, and the Residential Parking Permit Program?