How do I open a dispensary?

You will need to apply for a 420 License to open a dispensary in the City of Missoula. When choosing a business location for your dispensary (M - occupancy), we recommend trying to find a tenant space previously used as a retail store (M - occupancy) with a current City of Missoula business license. If dispensing is your only cannabis-related activity and you move into a space where the most recent approved use/occupancy classification was a retail store (M - occupancy), you will not be required to complete a change-of-use. You should also check with the Planning Department to verify if your use type will be allowed at your proposed location prior to applying for the 420 License. Please also note, the State of Montana - Cannabis Control Division will require a copy of your active 420 License as part of their review process. 

Planning Department: (406) 552-6625  
Link to GIS map: Coming soon!

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