Who is on the committee?
The Public Art Committee consists of nine members serving four-year terms. Members are selected because of their expertise in historical preservation, visual arts, architecture, or affiliation with a local business association or public entity. Six members are appointed by the Mayor with the advice of the Public Art Committee, two members appointed by the City Council and one member a member of the Missoula City Council.Learn who is currently serving on the committee...

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1. How do I find out about Public Art Committee art calls?
2. I'm interested in Public Art, should I attend a PAC meeting?
3. What are the objectives of the Percent for Art Program?
4. I have a business and would like to have some public art at my business location. Can the Public Art Committee provide guidance or funding?
5. I have a public art idea – can the Public Art Committee help me?
6. How are public art projects funded?
7. How does the Public Art Committee decide who is eligible for art calls?
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9. What does the Public Art Committee do?
10. What is the percent for art ordinance?
11. When was the Missoula Public Art Committee started?
12. What is the selection criteria for artwork?
13. Where can I learn more about the Public Art Committee?
14. Where can I view public art on The University of Montana campus?
15. Who is on the committee?