My property is not connected to the public sanitary sewer system, why am I assessed a sewer use fee?
In accordance with City of Missoula Ordinance No. 2644, Section 13.08.050-
The City is obligated to maintain your property’s portion of the main and treatment plant whether the property has made a physical connection or not. It costs the same amount to maintain the main and treatment plant for each property, whether its buildings are connected or not. Not only does every citizen directly benefit from the installation and existence of a municipal public sanitary sewer, but it would not be practical to install a municipal sanitary sewer system for only those who chose to tap into it and exclude those who had not yet actually tapped into it. In the early 1980’s, the Montana Public Service Commission unanimously ruled in favor of the City of Missoula being able to assess sanitary sewer use fees against unconnected properties that have water service or a well connecting to a building and thus are capable of producing sewage and are adjacent to or abutting the municipal sewer lateral line, but are not yet connected to the sewage system

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