Why is the neighborhood called "Captain John Mullan"?
One of the defining features of our neighborhood is our only east-west through road - Mullan Road. It was named for Lieutenant (later Captain) John Mullan, whose crew surveyed and built it way back in 1855. In fact, the settlement that became Missoula got its start in our neighborhood in 1860. It was begun by Christopher Higgins and Francis Worden and called "Hell Gate." The main settlement moved to what's now downtown Missoula beginning in 1866 to be closer to the Missoula Mills, which were powered by water from Rattlesnake Creek, and our area has only become re-urbanized in the last few years.

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1. Why is the neighborhood called "Captain John Mullan"?
2. Does the neighborhood include County residents in the area?
3. Where do I sign up to be notified about news affecting residents in the Captain John Mullan Neighborhood?