Record Searches

Record Search Request Procedure
Municipal Court will perform record searches upon request. Government agencies may request a record search free of charge. If you are requesting information or documents from a case in which you were the defendant or a victim you are entitled to up to ten pages at no cost (victims will receive copies with the defendant's personal information redacted) For all other requests we will charge a $5.00 search fee and $0.25 per page, first two pages are free.

Municipal Record Search
If you need a record search, Municipal Court will be happy to assist you. The search will only cover citations which have been issued in Municipal Court through the City of Missoula Police Department, Animal Control, or the University of Montana.

Please print and fill out the Records Request Form and when completed send the form to:
Municipal Court-Record Searches
435 Ryman St
Missoula, MT 59802. 

OR email the form to:
If you have any questions please contact Municipal Court at 406-552-6169. Record searches could take up to 10 days to complete.