ADA & Parking


Series Number


Adopted / Revision Date

STD-501 Accessible Parking Spaces Signage Requirements Feb. 15, 2011
STD-502 Accessible Parking Spaces Access in Narrow Sidewalk Feb. 15, 2011
STD-503 Accessible Parking Spaces Access in Wide Sidewalk Feb. 15, 2011
STD-504 Accessible Parking Spaces Access For On-Street Parking Feb. 15, 2011
STD-505 Accessible Parking Spaces Requirements and Specifications Feb. 15, 2011
STD-506 Parking Lot Configurations March 12, 2004
STD-508 Tree Planting Detail March 12, 2004
STD-509 Parking Lot Speed Table April 15, 2011
STD-510 Parking Lot Design Elements Feb. 27, 1999
STD-511 See STD-506
STD-512 Typical Grading and Drainage Site Plan for One- and Two-Family Dwelling April 22, 1999
STD-513 On-Street Parking Space to Intersection Dimensions March 12, 2004