Weed Hazard Program


Fire Prevention

The primary purpose of the Weed Hazard Program is fire prevention. In accordance with the City of Missoula Weed Ordinance, any weed or grass over 24 inches tall is a nuisance, being a potential fuel for causing a fire that could damage property or life. The program is not in place for weed mitigation.

Visibility Obstructions

The Weed Hazard Program also deals with vegetation that causes a visibility obstruction as defined in MMC 12.28.110. Visibility triangles at intersections must be kept clear for safety reasons, and are illustrated in Standard Drawing 401.


Section Two of the Code lists options in Paragraph D and E for property owners who wish to keep managed natural garden / parks on their property or who use their land for agricultural purposes, such as growing crops. A property can be exempt from the ordinance by providing code compliance with a management plan. Contact them at (406) 552-6630.

How to Comply with the City Weed Ordinance

Compliance with the Weed Ordinance must be continuous throughout the weed growth season, which is from June 1 through September 30 of each year. This usually means that more than one cut may be necessary. Please monitor your property regularly to ensure that growth is no taller than 24 inches.

Report a Violation

To report a property that is not in compliance with the ordinance, please contact code compliance at 406-552-6630 or fill out the Weed Hazard Complaint Form. Please be prepared to provide your name, address, and phone number, as well as the address of the property that is in violation.

If the property does not have a visible address or if it is a vacant lot, you can give a specific location, such as: "the boulevard next to the parking lot at 123 Main".

Note: we cannot accept complaints for an entire block.