The Collection staff is responsible for:
  • Cleaning and maintaining over 377 miles of Wastewater lines using equipment such as high-pressure water jet trucks, television cameras that video the inside of sewer lines, vactor trucks, and easement machines
  • Maintaining 31 lift stations and approximately 1700 STEP Systems
STEP Systems
The Collection Division is responsible for maintaining STEP systems.

Dye Tests
The Collection Division also performs dye tests in order to verify a connection to the City wastewater system. The Wastewater Division schedules the tests. Call us at 406-552-6600 to schedule this.

Dye tests are performed at no cost. If the property shows a connection on city records, a dye test cannot be performed.

  • The homeowner or a representative needs to be present at the address being tested during the time of the test.
  • Running water needs to be available at the address being tested.
If written results are needed, they can be e-mailed to you. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a dye test, please call 406-552-6600.