Available Maps

Many of these maps are also available for purchase in hard copy at Development Services in City Hall.
  1. Administration Boundaries
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Mapping Data
  4. Parks & Trails
  5. Planning Maps
  6. Transportation
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Asphalt Penalty Map

Shows fees for cutting asphalt on city streets for excavations.

Fire Stations and Fire Lanes Map

Fire station locations and primary fire lane routes.

42 x 42

Snow Removal Map

Priority snow and ice control plan.

42 x 42

Street Cleaning Area Map

Detailed map of cleaning areas and special parking districts.


Wastewater Collection System Map

Wastewater lines, streets, rivers, boundaries, etc. This map represents the general location of the lines and has not been verified for accuracy.

42 x 42

Wastewater Service Area Map

Wastewater service area boundary city limits, streets, rivers, etc.

42 x 42

8.5 x 11