Program Description

The Volunteer Services program was established in 1996 to free up sworn officers' time to allow them to focus on front line policing duties. Because the officers are able to spend more time on the important aspects of their duties, Missoula is safer and more livable.

We have 30 volunteers ranging in age from 18 to 90. Last year, the volunteers contributed over 5,700 hours to the City.

We strive to provide our volunteers with positive experiences that meet their interests, desires, and assist them in attaining their career goals. Some are retirees, some are college students, and some are graduates looking to beef up their resumes. They are community members who want to make a difference. All are extremely talented and are a great asset to our community.

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers are asked to contribute a minimum of four hours per week and make a commitment of at least six months. All volunteers must fill out an application, pass a background investigation, be fingerprinted, and sign a confidentiality statement to be eligible to participate in our volunteer program.

Volunteer Recognition

We have two volunteers who just celebrated 10 years volunteering with the MPD. Our volunteers have received much recognition for their efforts. Some of the awards include: