What's My Zoning?

How to Use "What's My Zoning?"

  1. Scroll to the bottom of this page and select 'Full Screen Map' (below) to open a new, larger window with the city zoning map.
  2. Zoom to an address by typing it in the "Near Me Search" tool, which will pop up in the top left corner when the map opens.
  3. A pin will appear on the address. Zoom in and click on the parcel to show property information. The information card will look like this:
  4. The Zoning District will appear after "Zoning:". For City Hall, the Zoning District is "CBD-4", or Central Business District. Once you have determined the Zoning District, you can research Parcel and Building Standards in the first few chapters of Municipal Zoning Code Title 20 or on the Current Planning's What is Zoning? page.
  5. If the parcel is in any Zoning Overlays, those will appear after "Zoning Overlays:". Not all parcels are in an Overlay. For City Hall, the parcel is in the Design Excellence Overlay. Once you have determined your parcel is in an Overlay, you can research standards in Municipal Zoning Code Title 20 - 20.25 or on the City's Overlays webpage.
  6. The Land Use Designation will appear after "Land Use:". More information about your Land Use Designation can be found in the City's Growth Policy.
  7. The Floodplain Designation can be found by toggling on the Layers List to the right. Click the Layer List icon (second from the left) of the toolbar in the top right. The icon looks like a stack of papers. The 'National Flood Hazard Layer' is at the bottom of the list. Check the box to the right of the Layer and wait for it to load. You may need to wait, zoom out slightly, and toggle off the 'City Zoning' Layer to see the Floodplain Layer. Once you have determined your property is in the Floodplain, you can research standards on the City's Floodplain webpages here.
  • Visual representation of the layers can be toggled on and off using the Layer List icon.
  • Base maps can be changed with the center icon of the toolbar in the top right.
  • A Print tool is found on the top right toolbar. Print allows downloading a map as a PDF.

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Why is my Address not Assigned a Zoning District?

This map is currently limited to City Zoning. If the parcel does not have a color or City Zoning District assigned, your property may not be within city limits. For County zoning questions, please contact the County Planning Information Desk at (406) 258-4642 or zoner@missoulacounty.us or visit the County's Property Information System.

Full-screen Map

This is a Work-In-Progress map and is subject to change.