Lighting Information

Outdoor Lighting Ordinance Requirements

The Missoula Outdoor Lighting Ordinance #3582 (PDF) went into effect on Nov. 2, 2016. This ordinance will affect what is submitted with each building permit submittal.

  • For residential, you will need to include two signed copies of the Affirmation of Lighting Ordinance Form (PDF) with any new residential building permit applications.
  • For any commercial building permit applications that are either new buildings or additions where the exterior lighting will be affected, a photometric drawing (view sample) along with information regarding the types of light fixtures being installed will need to be included with the building permit application.

Existing Fixtures

Any existing lighting fixtures on private property that may violate the ordinance may need to be brought into compliance. This office will look at these on a complaint basis only. A Lighting Ordinance Complaint Form (PDF) will need to be filled out and returned to our office and we will investigate the situation. Our office is located at: 435 Ryman

Second Floor W.

Missoula, MT, 59802


Working Group Members

  • Lou Ann Crowley, Citizen Participant
  • Bev Dupree, Citizen Participant
  • Mike Fussell, Professional Engineer
  • Krist Hager, Lighting Designer
  • Dick Haines, City Council
  • Marilyn Marler, City Council
  • Dave Strohmaier, City Council
  • Howard Reinhardt, Save America's Visual Environment
  • Celeste River, Citizen Participant
  • Mike Sullivan, Northern Lights
  • Chuck Tribe, Citizen Participant
  • Mark Woodward, Missoula City Police