Board Review Processes

The Current Planning and Land Use division of Development Services is responsible for reviewing projects that include land divisions and zoning district changes. 

Land Use review ensures that development is supported by the orderly and efficient provision of services throughout the City of Missoula to prevent lessen congestion in streets and highways, provide adequate light, air, water, sewage disposal, parks and recreation, ensure adequate access.

Please read through each step of the process for a review of the entire process.

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The first step is to determine which land use process, if any, is appropriate for the property and the proposed scope of work of the project. Determine the zoning district and any overlays using Missoula County Property Information System and 'What's My Zoning?'. For a comprehensive set of instructions, see the Research a Property webpage.

Then, utilize Missoula's Municipal Zoning Code, Title 20, to determine the Parcel and Building Standards. There are also Building and Use Specific Standards which may apply.

The Intake Form for nearly all Board Review Land Use Processes (Rezoning, Conditional Use, Public Forums, and Variances) can be found here. The form and any supporting documents can be submitted to the Zoning Desk at Before submitting the Intake Form, please review the process descriptions below and any relevant sections of Title 20.

Upon submission of the Intake Form, the project will be placed in the queue. There is often significant wait time as project assignment is dependent on staff availability and work plans. Some projects like subdivision and public forums, have statutory deadlines.

Board Review Land Use & Development Processes

The following land use project types require a public hearing and decision by one or more boards and committees; including Board of Adjustment, Planning Board, and/or City Council. More information about City Boards and other governing bodies can be found here.

Land outside the City limits can petition to be annexed into the City if the land is within the City’s Utility Services Area Boundary and complies with the City’s Annexation Policy (Map). The City limits boundary can be found on What’s my Zoning? and the Utility Services Area Boundary can be found here.

There are currently no city-initiated annexations. Owner-initiated annexations may occur by the property owner submitting a Petition to Annex to Development Services. On a case-by-case basis, the Utility Service Review Committee may also request the applicant petition for annexation when applying to connect to City services. Typically, property owners request city services for one of two reasons:

  • Emergency request to connect a failed community septic or drinking water system. 
  • Request to extend utility service to new development, redevelopment and / or subdivision.

The proposed zoning must comply with the criteria in Municipal Zoning Code, Title 20, Section 20.85.040.I. Typically the zoning applied must comply with the Land Use Designation in the Our Missoula 2035 Growth Policy. Determine a parcel's Land Use Designation by following the instructions on the 'What’s My Zoning?' webpage. Then, use the tables in the Land Use Recommendations chapter of the Growth Policy to find the comparable Title 20 Zoning District.

Public Notice: A legal ad is placed in the Missoulian for two Saturdays.

Public Hearings: The annexation is scheduled for public hearing at City Council. City Council first approves a Resolution of Intent to Annex. Following the public hearing, City Council approves, conditionally approves or denies the Resolution to Annex.

Effective Date: If the annexation request is approved or conditionally approved, the property is annexed and the zoning applied upon annexation is effective immediately after City Council approval.

Download the Petition to Annex.