How Much Water do My Trees Need?

Let's Keep Missoula in the Green!
Mature trees need a minimum of 2 inches of water per week during their growing season (May to October) to stay healthy, maintain their vigor, and provide necessary food to sustain themselves. If rainfall during the week does not supply enough water, you should make up the difference.

Trees must get watered deeply to fully saturate the roots. A surface application only waters the competing grass and doesn’t do the trees any good. When you do water use a lawn sprinkler or a hose with a nozzle. Apply the water to the ground directly below the branches of the tree, and for large trees, water well outside of this area.

Remember, if you live in Missoula there is a City ordinance that requires landowners to water and care for street trees adjacent to their property. Please do your part to make Missoula a more attractive and comfortable community.

Fall Season
For the fall season, plan on reducing the amount of water, but do not quit (unless we get above normal amounts of precipitation). Water straight through leaf drop and give one final heavy dose of water after total defoliation to set the root zone up for a healthy winter dormancy. It is also important to provide your tree with a good dose of water prior to leaf out in the spring in order to give it a healthy start to the growing season.

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