University District

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The University District neighborhood is located south of the Clark Fork River, east of South Higgins Avenue, North of Pattee Canyon Drive, and west of Campus Drive. View the University District Neighborhood on a map.

University District Zoning Questionnaire *Update*

City Councilwoman Gwen Jones and the City of Missoula Development Services Personnel are reviewing the results of the questionnaire this summer and will bring the results to the University District Neighborhood Council Fall General Meeting. It appears that, in general, there is neighborhood support to pursue a discussion in the University District regarding additional size restrictions on residential housing. We plan to broach the discussion at the Fall General Meeting to get input on what zoning tools would be good starting points for the discussion; the next step would then be determining whether there is Council support for adding a project to the staff work plan.

What is important to the University Neighbors?

  1. Parking problems – 17 Votes
  2. Gilkey Center (UM Building) – 10 Votes
  3. Mandatory safety and health inspections for all rental units – 7 Votes
  4. Need neighborhood grocery – 7 Votes
  5. Calming circle landscaping – 7 Votes
  6. Tree removal, replacement and more planting – 5 Votes
  7. More biking and walking access to and from the neighborhood – 5 Votes
  8. City purchase of municipal water system – 4 Votes
  9. Sidewalk snow removal – 4 Votes
  10. UM and Neighborhood relations – 4 Votes
  11. Noise issues – 4 Votes
  12. Traffic calming – 4 Votes
  13. Urban deer – 4 Votes
  14. Support of Neighborhood Businesses – 4 Votes
  15. Sidewalk maintenance – 4 Votes
  16. Trash and furniture in yards, alleys – 4 Votes
  17. Need Occupancy Standards – 4 Votes