South 39th St.

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The South 39th Street neighborhood is generally located between Hillview Way and Gharrett Street, north of South 39th Street, and south of Arcadia Lane and Shadow Lane. View the South 39th Street Neighborhood Council map.

What is important to South 39th St. Neighbors?

Honeysuckle Park Completion 
39th Street Median Maintenance 

Urban Deer 
Neighborhood Sidewalks 
Water System Acquisition 
Neighborhood Greenways 

23rd Street Drainage 
Hillview Way Reconstruction 
Community Gardens 

Ward 5

The South 39th St. neighborhood is located in Ward 5. View the Missoula Neighborhood Council Ward Map, or to learn more, visit the Missoula City Council web page.
  1. Tower Street Conservation Area remains closed due to flood hazards

    City open space at the end of Tower Street remains closed until further notice due to flooding and hazardous conditions.
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